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Dear Leadership,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and ready for an exciting year ahead. At TradePropMatic®, we are thrilled to kick off 2024 with a bang, and we want you to be a part of the #MkhulunkosiProject2025 action!

Update on MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v2.10 Trading Boom500: 3 Months FREE Trial!

Mdali King and the TradePropMatic® team have been hard at work enhancing the "MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v2.10" trading Boom500, which was distributed on Dec 2023, offering a 3-month FREE trial. The update ensures exceptional standards and top-tier performance, especially on the selected Cash CFD (US30). As a part of the #Select100 group, you'll receive an exclusive opportunity to work closely with our team and get a FREE copy of the updated version.

About MkhulunkosiProject2025: Leading the Way in Automated Trading

MkhulunkosiProject2025 is under the adept leadership of Mdaluyazi "Mdali King" Nkosi, the Founder, and President of TradePropMatic®. As the Number 1 Rated Pass Your Challenge Automation Service Provider, TradePropMatic® stands out by offering a remarkable 100% profit split to all its clients on their first prop firm payout.

Opportunity for #Select100: Join the Beta Phase of Our Latest Software

We extend an exclusive invitation to join the #Select100, gaining access to the beta phase of our cutting-edge trading software. Your feedback during this phase will play a crucial role in ensuring our technology meets and exceeds your expectations before it hits the market.

Benefits of being a part of the #Select100 include working closely with the TradePropMatic® team, sharing preset files, reports, performance insights, latest updates, and more.

Call to Action: Join the #Select100 - Watch the Video Below for Instructions

Follow the instructions on the YouTube video below to join the #Select100 and embark on a journey towards profitable trading.

Market Trends and Insights: Tesla Q4 Results and Technical Outlook

Stay informed about market shifts with our latest article on Tesla's Q4 results and technical outlook. As Tesla Inc. (TSLA) prepares to unveil its financial health, strategic direction, and plans for the evolving EV landscape, our insights provide a comprehensive overview.

Read the full article here:

[Market Shifts for Tesla: Q4 Results and Technical Outlook](

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Thank you for being a valued part of the MkhulunkosiProject2025 community. We look forward to a year filled with success, growth, and profitable trading.

Best regards,


Founder & President

TradePropMatic® Team


Digital Product Refund Policy

Refund Disclaimer for the "MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v8.10" Trading Robot:

Thank you for considering the purchase of the "MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v8.10" trading robot. Before proceeding with your purchase, please carefully read and understand the following refund disclaimer:

1. Past Results Disclaimer:
- Past performance and results of the "MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v8.10" trading robot do not guarantee any future performance. The trading robot's historical performance should be viewed as informational and should not be taken as a promise or guarantee of future returns. The financial markets are subject to various factors that can impact trading outcomes, and as such, past results are not indicative of what you may experience in the future.

2. Digital Product Disclaimer:
- The "MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v8.10" trading robot is a digital product. Once purchased and the product is delivered to you, it cannot be refunded. Due to the nature of digital goods, all sales are final, and we do not offer refunds or exchanges for this product.

3. Due Diligence Recommendation:
- We strongly urge you to conduct your due diligence before making any purchase of the "MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v8.10" or any other trading software or product. It is essential to understand the associated risks and benefits and ensure that this product aligns with your financial goals and trading strategies.

By proceeding with the purchase of the "MkhulunkosiProject2025Ai v8.10," you acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this refund disclaimer. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this disclaimer, please contact our customer support team before making your purchase.

We appreciate your understanding and adherence to these terms, and we are here to assist you should you have any inquiries or require additional information.

Last updated Jan 24, 2024

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